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Hello everyone! I am new to houseplants and this community. Im hoping to learn a lot through this community and maybe get some help! I have a string of turtles that is not dong so well. If anyone has suggestions or advice I would love to hear! Thank you! Happy planting 🪴. C1DD9D05-11B8-47DF-A33F-2B4FD899C195.jpegDB48E663-5217-4C4A-89BA-8E67159455DB.jpeg
Hello everyone! So, I am super stoked to share my most recent bloom. I have been fostering a Rojo Congo for about 2yrs. now. Well, I noticed that it had bloomed earlier this week. sadly, the bloom was only open that one day. I'm curious if anyone can suggest what I can do to get the blooms open again.received_6446295135414002.jpeg
Hopeful this app is what I’ve been missing. I really want to connect with more plant parents and learn how to be a better plant mom.
I have recently got into collecting air plants, can you help identify these,

Tillandsia Ionantha?


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had awful fungus gnats, bought beneficial nematodes about 2-3 weeks ago, now noticed TONS of really fast moving tiny tiny white bugs crawling everywhere in my monstera soil where the gnats were the worst and i’ve noticed a couple new gnats on my stickies
The tiny fast moving bugs are springtails. The best way to control them is to let the top 1-2 inches of the soil dry completely. This will also help with the gnats. I had a gnat problem and the only thing that got rid of them was mosquito bits.
You can sprinkle the mosquito bits on top of the soil before you water it, or you can steep some in the water you use. It will kill the larve but use sticky traps to kill the adults. Keep this up for about 3 weeks to make sure you‘ve got them all. Good luck.